About Me

Born in Hanoi, Vietnam and currently residing in Oxford, Mississippi, I am a Computer Science student with an interest in full-stack web development as well as in data science, data visualization and machine learning. Throughout my time in college, I've been regularly partipating in coding competitions and hackathons. I always try to improve my technical skills by doing many side projects.

In addition to being a dedicated programmer, I am also a competitive basketball player, frequent traveler, and cultural explorer.

Technical Skills


  • Experienced: Python, Javascript (NodeJS) & SQL (MySQL)
  • Familiar: Java, PHP & Haskell
  • Database/Analytics: MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase, Hadoop, Spark


  • Express, React, Redux, Flask, D3.js, Bootstrap


  • JetBrains IDEs: PyCharm, PhpStorm, WebStorm, IntelliJ IDEA
  • Others: Eclipse, Visual Studio Code, MySQLWorkBench, Trello, ...

Campus Involement and Extracuricular Activities

  • Association of IT Professionals
  • Association for Computing Machinery
  • Vietnamese Student Association
  • Community Assistant - Department of Student Housing
  • Ole Miss Intramural Basketball & Flag Football Clubs
  • Global China Connections

Personal Projects

A collection of projects I've done throughout classes, hackathons and work.

This section is being updated as I'm working on deploying all my working projects...

Check out my GitHub account for more!

Oxford Car Rental

A simple car rental website built for my database class. The website provides a CRUD interface that allows users to sign up, log in, make reservations and view/edit/delete their account.

Built With: PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap & Javascript

Red Zone

This project is an improved, functional and more accurate version of the "Ole Miss Crime Predictor ". My team and I developed it within 36 hours during a hackathon at Vanderbilt University.

Built With: Python, Flask, Microsoft CNTK, Google Maps & Geolocation API, Twilio API and IBM Watson Conversation

U.S. Permanent Visa

By analyzing the dataset of U.S. Permanent Visa applications, we explore the trends regarding acceptance rate, applicant's citizenship, job demand, job distribution and visa type.

Built With: Javascript, Python for data processing and analysis, D3.js for data visualization

Roy's Laboratory

A dynamic, mobile-responsive website for Dr. Sudeshna Roy's Chemistry Lab of Univesity of Mississippi - Department of BioMolecular Sciences.

Built With: Wordpress as the Content Management Systems and mostly PHP & Javascript

Read Music

Enabling you to bridge the gap between literature and music. Read Music is a website that help users create a Spotify playlist for the book they're reading, simply by providing the book's ISBN.

Built With: Python, Flask, MySQL and many APIs (Spotify, Indico.io Emotion Analysis, OpenLibrary, AZLyrics,...)



I'm currently looking for an internship/full-time position as a full-stack software developer/data scientist/data analyst!

Feel free to contact me through email or find me on a variety of social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn or GitHub.